Waste Not

Waste Not

“If we leave the recipe behind and get back to technique cooking, kitchen waste will go away.”

As a menu planner, recipes are as valuable as currency so this statement makes me nervous. But as a mindful cook, I completely agree. This article in the New York Times makes us take a hard boiled look at our kitchen practices and really face the fact of our food waste. Yet, instead of braising in the shame, I’m choosing to don my apron inspired and hopeful that I can help turn this trend around.

We’re all guilty of buying an unusual ingredient, using it once, and then banishing it to a dusty shelf. True? This week, let’s pick up the fish sauce/juniper berries/coconut butter/dulse and…

just. eat. it.

Well, don’t try those together, maybe. But throw an oddity into muffin batter or another into pasta sauce? Surely! Not all of our experiments will be menu ready but we’ll all be darn better cooks for playing.

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