Self Care Saturday: V-Steam at Apothecary Tinctura

As a holistically trained practitioner, I know that nutrition is only one piece of our happy human puzzle. There are many ways in which we can nurture ourselves and it’s important to watch for our own cues to care. There’s nothing wrong with having the self-awareness to know when you need a break, a drink, a massage, or just a few hours alone. If you aren’t satisfying your own basic needs, it’s extremely difficult to be fully present and supportive of the ones you love. So please learn to love and care for yourself. Here is one way to do it:

What: Vaginal Steam or V-Steam or Bajo (Spanish) or Chai-Yok (Korean)
Who: Ladies only! (This treatment is typically not recommended for pregnant women.)
Where: Apothecary Tinctura in Denver, CO
How (much): 60 minutes for $65 or a 3-pack for $145

Why: There are many reasons to try this treatment! It’s mainly used to cleanse, tone, and heal uterine and vaginal tissues. It can be an effective fertility primer and it can also help with painful or irregular periods. Even menopausal women or new moms can enjoy the benefits of this Gwyenth Paltrow-approved indulgence.

I did it! And I found it to be a rather magical experience. I first met with gentle Kristin who asked me all kinds of questions about my cycle and any recent body awareness of note. She explained the entire process, including showing me all the body wraps, herbs, stools, and pots involved. She then left the private room, giving me time to undress, wrap up in sheets and robes, and squat-sit on what looked like an oval-shaped footstool with a hole cut out.

v-steam stool

Kristen then popped back into the room to give me a glass of water and carefully slide the steaming pot of herbs into place under the hole stool and my tent of sheets and robes. Let the steaming – at my heat level of comfort – commence!

I was told that women steam anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. I stayed and steamed for about 30 minutes and then, as directed by Kristen, climbed under blankets on the massage table. All this time alone to be contemplative and quiet was worth the experience alone! Yet the full 60-minute appointment was rounded out with some lovely body work. With cool, slick fingers, Kristen massaged my crown and third eye chakras (head) as well as my root chakra (feet). She also massaged my belly to further relax me and to reiterate my intention to regulate my cycle.

Overall, I would recommend this treatment for any woman who needs some time to reflect, wants to feel completely refreshed, or desires to tune into the core of her feminine strength.

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