Change Your Story

Change Your Story

I just finished reading a very intriguing book and I’d love to share some ideas with you! The Trance of Scarcity by Victoria Castle is full of great tips on how to silence that critical voice we all have in the back of our minds and, instead, shift focus onto welcoming the success and happiness that we should expect.

One of the concepts detailed in the book is the guidance of our own “stories.” A story is our own inner voice that can boost us up but often ends up derailing our best intention. It’s that voice that often repeats:

I’m not good enough. I’ll never make enough. I don’t deserve this. I won’t get there. This is stupid. I can’t….

What Castle wants to illustrate is that this voice is just one possible narrative. Stories aren’t facts and they can change. With our imaginations, stories are limitless. Yet these internal escorts are often negative and powerful enough to scare us into backing away from abundance, gratitude, and wealth.

What if the key to landing that job, finding your passion,
or living your best life is as simple as changing your story?

Next time you find yourself fretting over insufficiencies in any regard or feeling like you “can’t,” try this story upgrade exercise. As with any habit change, it can take time to become second nature so keep practicing.

  1. Determine your goal. Are you applying for a new job? Trying to break or create a habit? Do you seek more contentment? Are you ready to stand up for yourself in a tough situation? A goal can be as simple as relaxing for the weekend or as big as medical recovery. Figure out what you need, at this time, to honor yourself and your spot within the universal.
  2. Ask yourself if your current story is useful. If you’re working on your resume, will worrying about your past experience get you in the right mindspace to get that dream job?
  3. To upgrade your story to one that’s positive and productive, focus on your goal and simply select a straight line mantra to get you there. Instead of I’m sure more qualified people are applying for this job perhaps you can try out I have the skills needed to excel in this position. 
  4. IMPORTANT: Determine actions and intentional practices that support your new story. As much as I love the idea of positive affirmations, I agree with the author when she insists they need to be accompanied by intentional action to really stick. In the above example, maybe you sign up for a brief refresher workshop in your area of expertise so you’ll feel confident in an interview. You could also review a trade journal or get in touch with a past colleague or supervisor who can reiterate a glowing review of your skill set.

As I mentioned, it can take awhile for this way of thinking to become automatic. At times, I too suffer from tremendously negative self-talk and it can be very difficult to not get lost in that dark forest. But every day is a day made to love ourselves so let’s all try to rise to that occasion!

On this Mindful Monday, I challenge you to author your own fate and begin to re-write those harmful stories. As always, I’d love to hear what you discover or how you find this exercise helpful!


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